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Ocean Rodeo 2020

We're proud to introduce you to our strongest and lightest kite range ever.Ocean Rodeo continues to lead the pack in the light kite revolution and, with our formal introduction of The Aluula Project this year, we mark just the latest exciting step that follows 20...

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The Ocean Rodeo Aluula Project….

WHAT IS ALUULA? Founded by a team of highly experienced chemists and engineers based in rugged British Columbia, Canada, Aluula is a company that started out with one goal; To make a material that is lighter and stronger.In partnering with Ocean Rodeo, Aluula not only achieved...

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Ocean Rodeo to release new Aluula kite material

Ocean Rodeo introduces "Aluula" - a new material which is stronger, more durable and a lighter weight material to replace Dacron in kite manufacturing.For the last twenty years, the kitesurfing industry has been using Dacron for the canopy material and polyurethane-/polyethylene for the bladder material....

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ocean rodeo pilot bar sandy beach

Ocean Rodeo Pilot Bar

Industry Insight: Control Bars in Issue 69 of IKSURFMAG looks at the almighty control bar. Possibly the most overlooked and underrated bit of equipment in your quiver, the control bar is the connection between rider and kite. To find out more about this crucial piece of equipment, we reached out...

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ocean rodeo at the GKA

Ocean Rodeo at the GKA

A Strong Showing at Viana do Castelo!All photos credited to Ydwer van der Heide Ocean Rodeo had an absolute strong showing this week in Viana do Castelo, Portugal as the GKA’s Kitesurf World Tour held its third event of the season. The event had no choice but...

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Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Control Bar

 This review of the Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Control Bar is from Issue 62 of IKSURFMAG. At A Glance2016 was the year of the Game Changer, and while all eyes were on kiteboarding giants North Kiteboarding, Ocean Rodeo were quietly making their mark with a...

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Ocean Rodeo Roam review by The Kitemag

THE KITEMAG review of the Ocean Rodeo RoamTESTED: Ocean Rodeo Roam The Roam has been a few years in the making and fills a gap in the OR range. The Prodigy has been a popular kite for waveriding but perhaps lacks the more pivotal turning that...

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