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Ocean Rodeo Jester

The Ultimate Trickster

Ocean Rodeo JESTER

The Ocean Rodeo Jester joins the Duke as the trickster of the court, rounding out the world’s first line of kiteboard dedicated funboards!

The team riders and the design team classified the Jester as hyperactive, responsive and one hell of a fun board to ride. Built for riders of all sizes who crave a light and lively ride or ideal for a smaller, lighter rider who will appreciate the thinned volume and outline.

Preloaded with its own attitude and flare on the water, the Jester begs for strapless freestyle riding or charging the outside peak and into a wave that only a fool would dare.

Built with the Ocean Rodeo Duke’s tested compression molded construction, full EVA deckpad and future fin boxes; the Ocean Rodeo Jester is ready to hit the water with three possible fin set ups: Quad, Tri-Fin or Thruster.

Comes complete with 5 fins, foot straps and a multi tool.

Dimensions – 155 cm by 46 cm (5’1¼” by 18⅛” )
Volume  -17.6 Litres







ocean rodeo jester construction


The propriety Rampart construction technique –  a high density EPS foam core is laminated with biaxial fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, and multi layers of Rampart Skin. The foam core and laminate layers are compression molded in a precision aluminium CNC cut block to create an incredibly strong, light and consistently shaped board each and every time. The Jester has a finish similar to that of a snowboard or skis to deliver a new level ding and scratch resistance. The flex and torsion twist is crisp and snappy and will remain longer than boards of traditional production methods.


The five fin setup is supported by Futures boxes. The side thruster fins that are placed well back towards the tail allows for tight snappy transitions and carves at low to medium speeds while for high speed top to bottom carving the massive 17 mm deep concave holds your edge while driving through turns.

The Jester also comes with a more traditional surfboard thruster and quad fin set-up.

Full EVA Deckgrip

Forget the messy wax – with a full EVA deck grip, tip to tail; the Jester makes foot transitions and strapless riding a joy. Weight-saving holes have been strategically placed in the EVA deck because we believe that every gram of weight saved on the deck can be put back into making the board stronger.

  • Ocean Rodeo Jester
  • $ 1249
    • Full Deck EVA
    • Straps
    • 5 x carbon honeycomb Futures Fins
    • Multi-tool
    • 155cm x 46cm (17.6L)