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Mako Duke – Ocean Rodeo

Designed for Kitesurfing

Ocean Rodeo Mako DUKE

Fear not – for version 2.0 of the Mako Duke we’ve left the magic shape and construction techniques untouched while adding a few nice surprises.

The first version exceeded the expectations Ocean Rodeo customers. Launched in 2015 the Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke was a fresh take on a directional kiteboard and borrows heavily from design teams many years of surf, kite and windsurf experience.

The new Mako Duke has a deep Mako concave ensuring this board rides smoothly over the chop while reducing nose chatter often associated with other directional boards. The concave also helps the Mako Duke rip up wind and leads to a much more stable board with a massive sweet spot making this board exceptional for transitional footwork and landing tricks.

The Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke can be setup with 3 distinct fin setups with each give the board a unique character. In tri fin mode ( one center fin, two side fin near the tail) the Duke becomes a flat water chop strapless freestyle machine making sliding moves and reverse landings easy. For more bite just move the side fins up one for true thruster setup creating snappy pivot turns on the wave face. When the conditions are really good crank up the fin count with the quad set up making the Duke a pure delight for the dedicated wave rider – fast down the line while allowing deep hard driving carves while getting you back up wind faster by letting you ride the board flat and fast while you search for the next bomb.

Up top, the full EVA deck has been thinned out to eek a few less grams of wieght, while texture and hole pattern have been refined improved grip.

The Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke: The world’s first, fully rethought, kiteboarding specific directional.

Length – 165 cm by 47 cm (5’4” by 18 ½” )
Volume 25.3 Litres







Rampart Construction

ocean rodeo mako duke rampart construction

Complete with accessories

Ocean Rodeo mako duke accessories

The Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke comes complete with five carbon base honeycomb fins, high quality comfortable straps and multitool

  • Mako DUKE
  • $ 1249
    • 5’4″ x 18 1/2″
    • Full Deck EVA pad
    • Complete with 5 fins, straps & multi-tool