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Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Gen6

All-Round Performance

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Gen6 – Designed to be a freeride kite that doesn’t compromise performance on waves and light winds

The 6th generation of the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy allows you to do it all, with just one kite. Ocean Rodeo have innovatively designed this kite to perform in light winds, shred and drift in the waves and be able to boost lofty jumps – without having to compromise. The moderate arc and 3 strut design of the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is what makes this Ocean Rodeo kite truly unique and enjoyable for kiters of all riding styles and skill levels.

Sizes: 5, 7, 8, 9.5, 12

ocean rodeo prodigy gen 6
ocean rodeo prodigy gen 6
ocean rodeo prodigy gen 6



Designed specifically for the kiteboarding market, Teijin’s Technoforce D2 Ripstop has high tear resistance, low stretch, and is incredibly light weight.
Each Strand of yarn is individually coated before being woven together. A second surface coating is then applied to the material, providing long term endurance.
Teijin D2 is the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics.

ocean rodeo kites 2018_teijin d2 image
ocean rodeo kites 2018_dpkpe image


Dimension Polyant’s K-PE dacron utilizes PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) fibers in the warp direction. PEN has a higher modulus than polyester and these fabrics exhibit approximately 30 to 40% lower stretch than their polyester equivalents. This makes K-PE the ideal choice for kite dacron where low stretch is a top priority.
K-PE fabrics are produced utilizing DP’s patented X-PLY® technique assuring reliable performance and the highest quality lamination available on the market.


15 years of kite design and manufacturing has taught us more than a few tricks about using strategic seam placement and pathways to enhance a kite’s performance and durability.

ocean rodeo kites 2018_speedinflateimage


Get on the water faster with the speed inflation system. Strut to leading edge connector tubes feature easy to use quick clamps for added security while riding.


15 years of kite design and manufacturing has taught us more than a few tricks about using strategic seam placement and pathways to enhance a kite’s performance and durability.

ocean rodeo prodigy gen 6


Keeps line lengths equal when fine tuning kite turning speed.

ocean rodeo kites 2018_trimequaliser


This three stage zig-zag stitch distributes seam load creating a tear resistant, long lasting seam.

ocean rodeo kites 2018_buck stitching
ocean rodeo 2018_ultra light contruction image


State of the art fabrics and components, purposefully arranged to deliver an ultra-light yet rugged build.

ocean rodeo kites 2018_ultralightcontruction
ocean rodeo kites 2018_variableline length


Tailor your kite’s performance to match your riding style and launch conditions.
Longer lines generate more power while shorter lines increase speed and response. Ultra-short lines provide immediate rider feedback to the kite and a direct, snappy feel with added advantage of simplified line management at tricky launching and landing sites.

ocean rodeo kites 2018_variable line length
ocean rodeo prodigy gen 6


We hope you never have to use these, however they are on hand if required. Tucked up and out of the way on the inside of the leading edge tube. To identify look for the arrows screened on the LE tube

All round performance - Freeride, waves, old school, big air - the Gen6 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy delivers

ocean rodeo le profile


A kite that can jump, surf, and freeride starts with a moderate arc. This enables the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy to be a fast turning kite in combination with a large sheeting range.


The Ocean Rodeo Prodigy has a mid aspect ratio working in tandem with its arc to create a perfect balance between lift while never compromising kite response.

ocean rodeo flite gen 7


A fixed short line bridle with a floating V design and a two pulley system creates direct and snappy response while also keeping bar pressure low. New to this generation are larks head loops on front bridles, and knots on the back lines making for an innovative system that stabilizes the leading edge. This allows the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy to lift out of a loop and avoiding a stall for maximum climb.

ocean rodeo roam kite shape


This precision engineered 3 strut frame of the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy truly unlocks the ability to do a little bit of everything at any skill level.

Constructed with a custom blend of two dacrons it provides a carefully crafted balance of tenacity and agility. The struts are made of KP-E dacron providing incredible strength, durability, and rigidity; While the leading edge is made from Teijin dacron in order to reduce the overall weight without sacrificing its moxie.


A single front line flag out systemin is used allowing the rider to achieve maximum de-power if the trim loop release is activated..

WARNING! It is crucial that the bar you are using utilizes this system. 

Note: For Next Gen kites we have changed the bridles on our kites so that the front attachments have loops and the back attachments have knots.

In order to use a previous generation Ocean Rodeo bar with a Next Gen kite, you must first install the OR Bar Bridle Adapter Kit (which can be purchased from a dealer or directly from Ocean Rodeo) to the bridles on the kite. This will change the bridles so that the front attachments have knots and the back attachments have loops. Thus making it compatible with the older model bars.

Visit OCEAN RODEO for more information.

Wind Range

Average Rider 70kg Twintip

Average Rider 70kg Surfboard

Average Rider 70kg Foilboard

Sherpa Kite Bag

Another first from Ocean Rodeo.
The Sherpa Kite Bag comes standard with all 2018 kites.
We’ve all been there, draping multiple kite bags, pumps and boards over every appendage of our bodies. Fumbling our way through rugged terrain in search of that perfect wave or glassy flat.
The Sherpa system makes it easy to connect and stack an unlimited numbers of kite bags off your back or chest for a perfectly balanced hike in and out.
Free up your hands and arms for effortless climbing. In seconds, stash your board and pump away. Designed for riders who search for the ultimate ride, it’s never been easier to find out what’s around the next headland.

ocean rodeo sherpa kitebag
ocean rodeo sherpa kitebag

Prodigy 5m



Prodigy 7m



Prodigy 8m



Prodigy 9.5m



Prodigy 12m