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Ocean Rodeo Razor

Freestyle / Freeride Machine

Ocean Rodeo Razor – Freestyle Beast

Load and pop freestyle performance – the 6th Generation Ocean Rodeo Razor’s unique weight balance ensures a forward flying kite, even when unhooked, and pulls hard throughout the loop.

Designed for pushing the boundaries of freestyle, the new Ocean Rodeo Razor is a pedal-to-the-metal kite for those committed to fast, exhilarating riding and bold, fully powered kite loops. With over a decade and a half of pedigree, the Razor delivers over-driven power with instantaneous and precise handling for highly skilled riders.

Built for those on the extreme edge of kiteboarding who are well aware that the sport’s most lucrative rewards can come with their own set of consequences. If that sounds like a dare, you might be ready for a Razor.


Turning Speed 0

Looping 0

Power 0

DePower 0

Relaunch 0

Vertical Lift 0

Hangtime 0

Upwind 0

Wind Range

Average Rider 70kg Twintip

Average Rider 70kg Surfboard

Average Rider 70kg Foilboard

Colour Options

Razor 7m


Razor 8m


Razor 9m


Razor 10m


Razor 12m