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Ocean Rodeo Roam ALUULA

Ocean Rodeo Roam Aluula – Wave / Freeride Foil – powered by Aluula

The Ocean Rodeo Roam ALUULA is a dream come true for freeride foilers and committed wave riders. A 3-strut kite with an ultra light and strong Aluula air frame allows for precise sheeting control, snappy turns and on-demand kite positioning in light winds. Should the wind pick up, the stiffness of the air frame means the kite’s stability and precision control is retained.

For freeride foiling kite transitions on the Roam ALUULA are achievable in the lightest of breezes. With a deep, low aspect design coupled with a light Aluula air frame the Roam ALUULA will not luff or stall even in complete slack-line situations. This now makes unpredictable wind states and unmakeable sections opportunities for the rider. The playing field is wide open with the Ocean Rodeo Roam ALUULA.

Sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m
ocean rodeo roam aluula
aluula material ocean rodeo


Founded by a team of highly experienced chemists and engineers based in rugged British Columbia, Canada, Aluula is a company that started out with one goal;

To make a material that is lighter and stronger.

In partnering with Ocean Rodeo, Aluula not only achieved this goal they developed a revolutionary new array of ultra light yet ultra strong composite materials and innovative new manufacturing techniques.


The Aluula Project heralds the introduction of a brand new composite material with a near-endless wealth of potential. But to us it means a lot more than that…

This collaborative venture represents years of effort by Ocean Rodeo to examine every single aspect of our kites’ construction for ways to reduce weight while preserving or enhancing their strength and integrity.

Partnering with Aluula marks the latest significant and exciting step in this ongoing process. The introduction of these new super light and strong composite materials brings a whole new dimension to our weight-saving efforts. It opens the door to many years of exciting kite performance increases as we further refine our relationship with these phenomenal new materials.