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East Coast Kitesurfing / Ocean Rodeo Control Bar
Out of stock!
Ocean Rodeo Control Bar
Ocean Rodeo Control Bar
Control Bar soft bar ends
Ocean Rodeo trim system

Ocean Rodeo Control Bar


The new Ocean Rodeo 52cm Control Bar, featuring below the bar swivel, above the bar trim and a low Y / front line re-ride set-up the Control Bar works perfectly with all generations of Ocean Rodeo kites and virtually all other brands’ kites.
Additional features include: bar end line keepers, rear line length adjustments, optional suicide leash configuration, swiveling chicken finger and, short chicken loop length.

Compatible with all Ocean Rodeo kites, the Control Bar also works with all generations of kite featuring our Direct Depower bridle system and offers near total depower in the event of a safety eject while being easy to reassemble on the water after an eject.


Bar Features

  • Soft bar ends
  • Fixed size 52cm
  • Integrated bar-end line keepers
  • Rear line length adjustments
  • New sleek designed quick release
  • Optional suicide leash configuration
  • Above the bar cleat trimming system
  • Single front line flagging safety system
  • Below the bar swivel
  • Heavy duty steering lines

Out of stock


See the Ocean Rodeo Control Bar video here

For more information download the Control Bar User Manual



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