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East Coast Kitesurfing / Ocean Rodeo Razor Gen7.5
ocean rodeo sherpa kitebagocean rodeo razor kiteloop
ocean rodeo sherpa kitebag
ocean rodeo razor kiteloop

Ocean Rodeo Razor Gen7.5


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Narrow C shaped arc for ultra fast turning and consistent power

Get ready to #LoopIt! The Razor is for those who want maximum return, unbelievably tight turns, and it’s innovative wingtip designs are optimised for mega kite loops. The Razor has been built Northwest Tough with new, lighter and more durable materials. Refined from our 6th generation to provide tighter turns, lightning quick response, and uncompromising power allows freestyle riders to be more confident that this kite will be the one to unleash their inner beast without a second thought.

Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14




A freestyle and mega-loop beast packed with contemporary design and innovative construction. The Razor’s narrow C shaped arc creates ultra fast turning and consistent unparalleled power. In combination with Forward Swept Tips (FST) creates the catalyst for creating industry leading tight turning and mega kite loops.


A mid aspect ratio creates a carefully calculated balance between lift and  lightning fast responsiveness.


The Razor utilizes an precision engineered 4 strut frame, providing tighter turns giving the rider the responsiveness needed to pull off flawless megaloops with ease.

The entire frame is built with tested and proven KP-E dacron providing incredible strength, durability, and rigidity. Where our competition choose to reinforce their closing seams with only mark cloth, we use more KP-E because we believe reinforcement materials should be at least as strong as its base.

Additional information

Razor Kite Size

10m, 12m, 14m, 7m, 8m, 9m


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