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East Coast Kitesurfing / Ocean Rodeo Shift Bar
ocean rodeo shift barocean rodeo shift bar
ocean rodeo shift bar
ocean rodeo shift bar

Ocean Rodeo Shift Bar


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Fine tune your kite’s trim using one easily reached and adjusted control knob. Twist in small quarter turn increments to add power, bump or nudge to depower. This intuitive, easy to use system is ideal for any size rider and ensures you have ‘hands on’ control when depowering the kite.

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Backline trim’s new standard.

Refining from the stick shift, the new Shift bar combines r3’s ‘r3inforced’ technologies and Ocean Rodeo engineering to be a back line trim bar that provides reliable seamless power adjustment. Enjoy riding without having to take your eyes off the water. Featuring our new stainless steel center housing, better routing to flush out debris, and the latest in CL releases with the new Gen 8 Punch out system the Shift bar is your key to fun, progression, and riding that allows you to focus on where you are over what got you there.


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