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Ocean Rodeo Australia Team

Ocean Rodeo Australia is committed to creating a family of passionate riders - not just a team

Bonny Sulistyo

WA Team Ambassador

Bonny is an experienced kitesurfer and surfer, ripping waves with or without a kite, strapped, unstrapped, unhooked or hooked in.

With podium finishes in the Masters WA State Wave Titles in recent years, he is the leader of the Ocean Rodeo Australia team in Western Australia.


Currently Riding:  Roam 5m, 6m, 8m & Stick Shift Control Bar

Ryan Parsons

QLD Team Ambassador

Ryan rips in the flat water, throwing big kiteloops and old school tricks as well as unhooked freestyle, all smooth and stylish. Recently placing 3rd in the QLD State Freestyle Championships Ryan is fantastic to watch on the water and a great ambassador for Ocean Rodeo and the sport.


Currently Riding:  Razor 7m, 9m, 14m & 46cm Pilot Bar

Josh Rossow

QLD Team Ambassador

Josh has old skool style – big airs, kiteloops, board offs – all done smoothly and with style.




Currently Riding:  Roam 8m, 10m and Pilot Bar 46cm