ocean rodeo at the GKA

Ocean Rodeo at the GKA

ocean rodeo at the GKA

A Strong Showing at Viana do Castelo!

All photos credited to Ydwer van der Heide


Ocean Rodeo had an absolute strong showing this week in Viana do Castelo, Portugal as the GKA’s Kitesurf World Tour held its third event of the season. The event had no choice but to move at a frantic pace as windless conditions forced the tournament to be conducted in just a single day. Ocean Rodeo proved to be up to the task as Carla Herrera and Reece Myerscough were eager to hit the waves since landing in Portugal the week prior.

The Rookie Reece Continues to Shine


Reece displayed what his board could do both on the waves and behind the scenes. Reece’s custom board allowed him to win one of his heats, and perform never before seen technicality in front of the judges through the event. Knowing that there is some growth ahead, and the next event upcoming in Tarifa there is a real sense that the GKA rookie is settling in and poised to make some real noise for the back half of the series.

Carla Goes on a Tour de Force

Carla was zoned in and determined to make up ground in the overall standings as she made one amazing run to cap off the women’s event. After a heartbreaking first heat loss she then went on an absolute tear winning the next eight straight heats to place third. With this win she’s closed the gap between her and Ines Correia and in prime position to be in the top three this year.

With the next event in Carla’s hometown of Tarifa both Ocean Rodeo team riders are more than motivated to show what no excuses kiting looks like and to keep stunning the competition.


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