For the last twenty years, the kitesurfing industry has been using Dacron for the canopy material and polyurethane-/polyethylene for the bladder material. Kite design and construction has continuously improved in quality and performance over the last ten years – except (for the most part) when it comes to what materials are being used for the manufacturing of the kites.

With the bladder weighing up to a third of the kites overall weight there is plenty of weight savings to be had with this new material.

Is Aluula about to replace Dacron?

At a presentation held at the GKA World Cup in Sylt – Ocean Rodeorevealed the new Aluula material for constructing both the canopy and bladder. Testing has shown the Aluula material is ten times stronger and more durable than Dacron, while becoming more rigid under load and only weighing half the weight.

Kites with the new Aluula material will be available on Ocean Rodeo Roam and Flite kites end of 2019.

East Coast Kitesurfing will have these new Aluula constructed demo kites in August, so stay tuned for reviews and get in touch for demo opportunities!