Ocean Rodeo A Series

The A Series Aluula Airframe

A = Full ALUULA Airframe

At the pinnacle of the technological advancements and opportunities that our work alongside ALUULA Composites has provided sits our A-Series kite range, which all benefit from the ultra-light and ultra-strong ALUULA airframe, and are now lauded as the most cutting-edge kites in the sport.


When we first revealed our work with ALUULA to the kitesurfing world, there was reasonable and valid debate as to whether the hype would really match up to the material’s potential, and to the performance levels that we were promising. Happily, as has since been proven and documented, the hype has gone beyond everyone’s expectations.


Lighter, stronger, with higher performance levels and a bigger wind range than standard kites, the A-Series have set the new standard in high-end kiteboarding… a standard that continues to develop as we explore the endless possibilities that ALUULA presents us.

Ocean rodeo aluula airframe
Because a lighter kite means a better ride.ALUULA, an ultra-light, ultra-strong and stable composite material, not only improves light wind performance but also increases handling, stability and flying performance in all wind conditions. This makes an ALUULA kite more efficient than a standard kite, performing better in all respects, including speed through the air, turning speed and light wind stability.

The Aluula Airframe

Our secret kite project is finally unveiled – and it’s golden…..

Introducing an all-new series of kites built with the ground breaking Aluula composite material, weighing just 82gsm (grams per square meter). In comparison traditional Dacron currently used for air frames weighs 160gsm. The Aluula material is UV stable and virtually unrippable and has out performed the status quo materials in every category as tested by a third party lab. This incredible new material is opening the door to a new and exciting future in kite design. 

ocean rodeo aluula air frame

Alongside this, Ocean Rodeo and Aluula have developed the Ridge Seam. Designed specifically for the Aluula composites, the Ridge Seam increases seam strength by 40% over traditional sewing methods.

The resulting stiffness combined with the extreme light weight delivered by Aluula transforms inflatable kites into precision control wings unlike anything we have experienced during 20 years of kite design.

ocean rodeo aluula

Ocean Rodeo Aluula Kites - Lighter and Stronger




Inspiring trust and confidence in all conditions.


The A-Series Roam featuring ALUULA is simply a dream come true for freeride foilers and committed wave riders… and for 2022 the design team have managed to reduce the A-Series Roam weight a further 4% across the entire size range.


This 3-strut kite with an ultra-light and strong ALUULA airframe allows for precise sheeting control, snappy turns and on-demand kite positioning in light winds. And should the wind pick up, the stiffness of the airframe means that the kite’s stability and precision control is retained.


As an added feature for 2022, each Roam comes complete with the new Pivot Bridle Kit. Freeride kite foilers and wave riders will appreciate the enhanced pivot turning and sheeting achieved by the two additional pulleys.


Unpredictable wind states and formerly difficult-to-make sections all become opportunities for the rider: the playing field is fully opened up by riding the A-Series Roam.



The ALUULA-powered A-Series Flite is a 3-strut kite that is highly responsive yet lighter than current no-strut kites, providing optimum light wind performance, while retaining precision and control in increased wind speeds.


The extreme light weight, combined with the stiff yet reactive ALUULA airframe technology, means larger kites become supercharged, allowing performance levels to increase exponentially.


To further build on the enhancements provided by ALUULA, we have fine-tuned all our light wind manufacturing techniques and components, with the Flite Ultra Lite canopy using proven D2 double ripstop from Teijin.


Incredibly responsive, the A-Series Flite excels in all riding styles and with whichever board you are riding.


The days of compromise are over. The A-Series Flite is the world’s lightest, strongest, and highest performing light wind kite.



Developed out of our partnership with ALUULA Composites, the high aspect, 5-strut Rise has set a new standard in acceleration, precision control, Big Air torque and stratospheric performance. 


The combination of the Rise’s highly tuned airfoil design and the benefits of ultra lightweight ALUULA composite material delivers an ultra stable airframe, allowing for utmost rider confidence, and creating a true synergy between Big Air riders and their kite.


Built using 82gsm ALUULA Gold composite material and ALUULA Seam technology, the Rise’s power to weight ratio is next level, coming in at over twice the strength of traditional Dacron airframes, yet at half the weight. The airframe can also withstand a higher pressure than the industry standard, providing exceptionally tuned-in and optimized performance, even in the most extreme conditions.