A Series RISE


The A-Series Rise features a high aspect ratio to deliver more lift per square meter and a faster climb, while generating less drag for a kite that lifts you windward.


An open C shape allows for fast precise steering, precision sheeting and quick water relaunch. Creating a light wind performance kite is no easy task…

The A-Series Rise contains a wide arc and large projected area to produce as much power per square meter as possible.




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A big air legend is born

From our partnership with ALUULA Composites comes the new high aspect, 5-strut Rise, delivering an all-new standard in acceleration, precision control, Big Air torque and stratospheric performance.

The combination of the Rise’s highly tuned airfoil design and the benefits of ultra lightweight ALUULA composite material delivers an ultra stable airframe, allowing for utmost rider confidence, and creating a true synergy between Big Air riders and their kite.

Built using 82gsm ALUULA Gold composite material and ALUULA Seam technology, the Rise’s power to weight ratio is next level, coming in at over twice the strength of traditional Dacron airframes, yet at half the weight. The airframe can also withstand a higher pressure than the industry standard, providing exceptionally tuned-in and optimized performance, even in the most extreme conditions.

WARNING: The available power and vertical boost will exceed what many seasoned kiters are familiar with. During your initial Rise sessions, please ease into your first jumps, especially in strong winds, in order to adjust to this new performance level.

SIZES – 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m

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Kite Size

10m Kite Only, 11m Kite Only, 9m Kite Only, 12m Kite Only, 5m Kite Only, 6m Kite Only, 7m Kite Only, 8m Kite Only


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