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The Aluula Airframe - the worlds lightest and strongest kites

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What is Aluula?

Founded by a team of highly experienced chemists and engineers based in rugged British Columbia Canada, Aluula is the cutting edge and award winning product created by a company that started out with one goal – to make a material that is lighter and stronger.

In partnering with Ocean Rodeo, Aluula Composites not only achieved this goal but they developed a revolutionary new array of ultra light and super strong composite materials along with innovative new manufacturing techniques. Aluula Gold has already been recognised for its current and future potential, winning 1st place in the highly esteemed ISPO Best Product Award for 2021/2022.

ocean rodeo aluula roam

Ocean Rodeo’s partnership with Aluula heralds the introduction of a brand new composite material with a near endless wealth of potential. But to us it means a lot more than that……

This collaborative venture represents years of effort by Ocean Rodeo to examine every single aspect of a kites construction for ways to reduce weight while preserving or enhancing their strength and integrity. Partnering with Aluula marks the latest significant and exciting step in this ongoing process. The introduction of these new materials brings a whole new dimension to weight saving and opens the door to many years of exciting kite performance advancement as we further refine our relationship with these amazing new materials.

I've been flying kites since 1999 and testing with SBC Kiteboard Magazine and Kitesurfing Magazine for the last 20 years, and this is definitely the highest performing kite I have ever flown.
John Bryja
Kitesurfing Magazine
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The Aluula Airframe

Our secret kite project is finally unveiled – and it’s golden…..

Ocean Rodeo introduces an all-new series of kites built with the ground breaking Aluula composite material, weighing just 82gsm (grams per square meter). In comparison traditional Dacron currently used for air frames weighs 160gsm. The Aluula material is UV stable and virtually unrippable and has out performed the status quo materials in every category as tested by a third party lab. This incredible new material is opening the door to a new and exciting future in kite design. 

Alongside this, Ocean Rodeo and Aluula have developed the Ridge Seam. Designed specifically for the Aluula composites, the Ridge Seam increases seam strength by 40% over traditional sewing methods.

The resulting stiffness combined with the extreme light weight delivered by Aluula transforms inflatable kites into precision control wings unlike anything we have experienced during 20 years of kite design.

The low stretch and quick flex properties of an Aluula air frame resists distortion significantly more than traditional dacron air frames in over powered situations, delivering improved control when reaching the top end of the wind range.

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Ocean Rodeo Aluula Kites - Lighter and Stronger

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The Roam featuring Aluula is simply a dream come true for freeride foilers and wave riders.

A three strut kite with an ultra light and ultra strong Aluula air frame allows for precise sheeting control, smooth snappy turns and on-demand kite positioning in all wind ranges. When the wind picks up the stiffness of the air frame means the kites stability and precision control is retained.

For freeride foiling, transitions on the Roam are achievable in the lightest of breezes and the deep, low aspect design combined with the Aluula air frame means the kite does not luff or stall, even in complete slack line situations.

SIZES 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12


10m Aluula Roam – 1.9kg